Mobile WorkDesk is the component of the Suite that work with technical/resource of territory. The software was relized with Microsoft .NET technology and support:


  • Windows CE;
  • Windows Pocket PC;
  • Windows Mobile (version 6 too).

The Mobile WorkDesk is based on an architecture views . Each view can be configured to adapt to specific customer requirements. For this reason has a Intent Resolver that handles requests and changes in views.


All the inserted data will be store on a local repository. This repository can be:

  • Oracle Database Lite;
  • Microsoft SQLServer CE;
  • File XML;
  • ....

The syncronization, and all processes, of Mobile WorkDesk case through a Process Controller that cares about:


  • start the processes that manage the synchronization of network connection ,the battery charge, .
  • stop the process when the device start to work in a difficult situation (for example when the connection is not available or when the battery charge is limited);
  • manage the restart of interuppted process.


The updating and the distribution of the software is centrilize on WorkDesk MC.

Moreover, through a system of SMS messages (replaceable with HTTP calls) you can communicate between the handheld and those responsible for the service so as to quickly resolve breakdowns or malfunctions.

The charatteristics of mobile devices are the following:


  • TCP/IP connetction;
  • parsing XML;
  • manage GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA connections;
  • manage GPS connection;
  • execute operations online and offline;
  • automatica update software.

The insert of data can be make with different input devices:


  • complete qwerty keyboard (connect by bluetooth to the device);
  • simplified keyboard;
  • device for the audio/video recording;
  • barcode reader 1D/2D.



Mobile WorkDesk can be installed on any device with Microsoft Windows CE / Embedded and thus can be used either on Windows Embedded device directly into vans / trucks or on technicians' smartphones (this leads to lower costs of project implementation). The ability to use the Mobile WorkDesk directly on smartphones allows you to upgrade, if necessary, the hardware rapidly (it was not linked to a specific vendor, and the device is not installed on a drive).