Oracle Fusion Applications

Today, enterprises operate in a dynamic business environment with an increasingly complex technology landscape (multi-geography, multi-application etc.). This requires enterprises to address the challenges posed by disparate enterprise applications – from managing user experience, user productivity, and proprietary technology to generating business insights. They need a comprehensive application suite that seamlessly integrates operations and provides value.




Oracle Fusion Applications were designed, from the ground, up using the latest technology advances and incorporating the best practices gathered from Oracle's thousands of customers. They are entirely based on open standards and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), that set a new standard for the way we innovate, work, and adopt technology.



Oracle Fusion Applications are a complete suite of modular applications stored in cloud and on-premises, which interact with existing ones, allowing you to improve performance, reduce IT costs and achieve better results.

Oracle Fusion Applications provide extended functionality and more than 100 modules in seven different categories of products: customer relationship management, financial management, human capital management, purchasing and procurement, project portfolio management and supply chain management.

Thanks to a simplified configuration and a common data model, it is enough to make a change in a point to spread it everywhere, thus accelerating the pace of innovation and minimizing obstacles and delays.

Oracle Fusion Applications adopt an approach based on roles to increase productivity, with an advanced user interface that integrates Business Intelligence, exception-based alerts and collaboration tools, all available in the context of the work in which you are working.