Oracle Right Now


Oracle Right Now is a Cloud solution designed to help companies provide a high level Customer Experience, an experience that goes beyond simple customer service because it offers a complete cross-media experience. The customer feels at the centre of the company's attention: all the most innovative communication tools and channels are used to meet his needs and make the service experience simple, fast and functional to solve problems that have led to contact with Customer Care.


In particular, Right Now offers:


  • Web experience: In addition to the traditional FAQ section, the Right Now Web experience suggests different types of options for the customer to resolve the problem independently and quickly before having to contact the Contact Center. An important advantage is therefore the continuous assistance, 24h, which in no way limits the Customer and allows the solution of the problem at any time, from any device (smarphone, tablet or pc) and in a short time.
  • Social experience: Oracle has been able to grasp the importance of social networks and convert it into opportunities for customers: Right Now's Social Experience is born from the central role of the latter, which is the center around which the entire Customer Experience revolves. By linking customer service to social pages, which are increasingly used to contact the Company, the customer is able to find a quick solution to problems and in a very convenient way, given the widespread use of social networking at a personal level. From the Company's point of view, it has the possibility to keep track and monitor also this type of interactions, which become extremely important also with regard to brand reputation: through the link that Right Now allows between social pages and customer care service, the customer really feels at the centre of the company's attention because, despite the large number of interactions within the social environment in the company page, he sees his personal problems as interesting for the company. This is real customer caring.
  • Contact center experience: a further way through which the Company demonstrates its attention to the customer is contact with a dedicated assistant and not with switchboards or pre-recorded voices. Right Now allows the customer to be followed through chat and email, call center or browser.


Right Now suite wants to offer a functional interactivity to the resolution of problems between the customer and the company, in a cross-media perspective that allows the exploitation of all communication channels available and closer to the customer, such as social networks. Customer service can no longer be seen as a mere cost, but as an opportunity for loyalty and a plus that consumers also take into account when buying: in order to be a competitive advantage, the company must have the right tools to meet the needs of customers.


These are the basic concepts that have prompted Oracle to create a product like Right Now and GN to believe in this product and welcome it within its offering, as a Gold Partner Oracle, as a System Integrator (SI) and consulting provider able to offer solutions of high-level customer experience, to take advantage of the opportunities for business transformation in the customer service sector.

In the Service sector, GN has developed an ad hoc solution that integrates perfectly with Right Now and manages to extend the functionality of this solution also to the management of on field technicians: it is WorkForce Manager, a mobile and modular solution that allows you to organize the technical area, offer timely assistance, report on field intervention expenses and optimize the efficiency of after-sales service by simply using a smartphone.

Oracle Right Now and GN: offer real customer caring to your customers.